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Výstava Leonardo je otevřena v pondělí 28.10. od 11:00-18:00 hod.

Leonardo Bombastic

Leonardo da Vinci a Michelangelo Buonarroti mezi sebou měli při? Je postava po pravé ruce Ježíše na obraze Poslední večeře apoštol Jan nebo Máří Magdalena? A kdo byl/a vůbec Mona Lisa? Tyto a další otázky můžete prozkoumat na vlastní pěsti na výstavě Leonardo. Přijďte a zjistíte, že Leonardo da Vinci byl opravdu Bombastic!

Interaktivní výstavu LEONARDO

Leonardo in Budweis

Get ready to be inspired by Leonardo in this unique interactive experience. Children and adults meet da Vinci‘s inventions, art and scientific work in a playful and engaging form.

The legend returns on the 500th anniversary of his death in the beautiful attic premises of the new Solnice building on the Piaristicke Square in Czech Budweis

Weekend workshops

First and third Saturday every month from 2:00-4:00 pm

8.9. Surprise! Reboot of favorite workshop ATTENTION ON SUNDAY

21.9. Flying machines

5.10. Fresco painting

19.10. Moving Vitruvian Man

2.11. Funny automata-mechanics

16.11. Drawing robots

Information for visitors

Venue of the exhibition

SOLNICE, Piaristické námestí 3, České Budějovice
enter through Restaurant SOLNICE

Opening times

Public Hours

Until 9. 9. Tues. -Sun. 11:00 -18:00
From 9. 9. - 24. 11. Sat. – Sun. 11:00 – 18:00

Changes in opening hours

6. 8. - 7. 8. open until 22:00 with the Iron and Gold festival
9. 9. - 24. 11. public hours only on the weekends


Children and adults 80 CZK
Pensioners and disabled 50 CZK
Family entrance 280 CZK
Groups (over 10 children) 50 CZK / child (2 person as free accompaniment)

School Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00
Reservations necessary!

Lektor meets group in front of Solnice

Contact for information:
Karey Rawitscher +420 725 501 996

Booking for schools and groups


Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Leonardo


A journey into the creative mind of the renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci.
Produced by Objevárium

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Leonardium


The Leonardium is an open space and series of workshops for creating and inventing. Space is delivered with a wide range of materials and challenges to help children and adults realize their ideas and innovations.
Produced by Objevárium

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Minigolf


An artist designed mini-golf course. The 12 hole course is fully playable, offering unexpected challenges and some highly creative approaches to the traditional game of mini-golf.
Produced by Objevárium

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Bzzukot


Bee community complemented the exhibition of the artist Vladimir Větrovského Anthill.
Produced in cooperation with Vladimír Větrovský and Sladovna Písek.

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Let's fly high

Let's fly high

The Patterns of flying away from exotic butterflies to flight simulator from the Boingu.
Produced by Zoom.

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Journey into the unknown

Journey into the unknown

On your own skin, you can experience the adventure, which passed the hero Odysseus.
Produced in cooperation with Sladovna Písek .

Interaktivní výstava z projektu Objevarium Mega Greece

Mega Greece

Stories of ancient Greece that affect our current world.
Produced by Zoom.


What is objeváriuM

What is objeváriuM

Objevárium is a non-profit organization that support the education of children in a playful and unconventional way. In essence, we follow the link of Jan Amos Comenius and his „school game”. An important part of Objevárium is projects called ObjevTo.

O tvůrcích Objevária

We support the intellectual and social development of children

  • new forms of learning and entertainment
  • learning by doing
  • engaging the senses
  • development of creative and technical thinking
  • an individual as well as social benefits individual
    as well as social benefits
O tvůrcích Objevária

Our partners

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You have an idea but you don't have your own implementation team nor the necessary know-how? Hire Objevárium's team and our professional services. We will work with you to bring your ideas into reality.

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