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Let's fly high is an interactive exhibition for children and adults. Visitors could try a flight simulator, soar into the air like a bird, dive into the world of exotic live butterflies, and so to understand the patterns of flying.

The exhibition was composed of five basic themes:

  1. What flies and how - the history of aviation and aviation mechanics (three different principles of flight and their use, comparing the motion of the aeroplane, a rocket and a balloon). Using experiments with rocket chairs, a hot air balloon and a small wind tunnel, children can explore the effects of stroke as well as static and aerodynamic lift.
  2. Flying in nature (insects, butterflies, birds – their anatomy, the principle of their movement, etc.). In the lab children can examine the structure of bones of birds, insects and flying fish. By examining these samples, kids can understand how people use the knowledge of nature in the field of aviation.
  3. How people work in aviation professions. The highlight of this exhibition is a model of the aircraft built in real size. In an aeroplane and on a stylised airport to children in a playful way trying to work pilots, flight attendants, navigators, ground handling and other related professions.
  4. Principles of aerodynamics. Section, where the children paint and make up designs of paper airplanes and learn how the shape affects the flight itself.
  5. Flying in fairy stories and mythology.

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