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Basic Description of the Exhibit

You can visit Objevárium Minigolf in České Budějovice now.
Unique twelveholes course is a fun for everyone - art fans, golf fans and kids of all ages will be equally delighted to play on Objevárium's artist designed mini golf course. The course is fully playable, offering unexpected challenges and some highly creative approaches to the traditional game of mini-golf.

Creative anarchy unleashed on a golf course!

Each artist had the freedom to approach their hole how they liked. The only rules being that the hole is playable and safe. Visitors can test their skills on a giant space loop, enormous hand, automobile race track and miniature village for example. One of the most unusual holes is created entirely from clothes with a surprising and humorous finish. Other favorites are putting the ball through a 1980's communist living room set with the end goal being to hit the ball through an authentic tv.

The artists who involved in the project:

Petr Brožka, Richard Fischer, Jakub Grec, Marie Hlad, Jan Hrubeš, Petr Popelka, Karey Rawitcher, Lukáš Urbanec, Lukáš Zahradník, Pavel a Věra Liškovi.

This project is co-funded by the Statutory city of České Budějovice.

Rental information

Renter responsible for transportation and installation costs and adaptation of exhibition into local language.

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