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Get inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

Appealing to both children and adults, the interactive exhibition, Leonardo gives visitors a chance to playfully explore da Vinci’s inventions, art and scientific works, but not only that. For the Leonardo within everyone, there is the Leonardium, an open space for creating and inventing things with a wide assortment of materials. This exhibition is all about developing powers of observation, creative as well as technical thinking skills, all the basis of Leonardo’s genius.

Basic Description of the Exhibit

You Will Have Fun Learning In Doing So

The programme of the interactive exhibition gives children the opportunity to enter the world of da Vinci’s inventions, art, and scientific work and much more. Both small and big visitors can also visit the world of fantasy in the relax area that interprets Leonardo’s mind both artistically and imaginatively.

Mona Lisa Madness and Make Peace not War

At Leonardo children and adults can digitally transform the Mona Lisa in endlessly funny ways, try their hand at Leonardo’s drawings, manipulate models of Leonardo’s inventions, play in his military tank which has been transformed into a peaceful pillow filled oasis, build a portable bridge, geometric structures or anatomical models.

Become an Inventor

In the second part of the exhibition, each visitor can test their own creativity and engineering skills in Leonardium – an open space for creating and inventing equipped with all kinds of materials. Leonardium is a space inspired by da Vinci and created according to the model of the Tinkering Lab of the world famous museum Exploratorium in San Francisco.

(Leonardo can be rented with or without the Leonardium)

At Leonardo you can

  • learn Leonardo technical inventions (play in a large model of Leonardo’s famous military tank, manipulate models of inventions, including a flapping wing and mechanical devices, build geometric structures)
  • become a painter (digitally manipulate and project an image of the Mona Lisa, learn new drawing techniques, reproduce Leonardo sketches, test your powersof observation at the painting quiz, get invited to the Last Supper)
  • learn abou Leonardo geniality (construct a mobile bridge, assemble anatomical models, take the Vitruvian Man for a spin)
  • use relax zone (chill out or incubate your own creativity in the relax zone, learn how Leonardo was inspired by nature...)

Rental information

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