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Animation and entertainment programs

ObjevTo brings fun, knowledge and facts into the schools, into community centers or for special events. We offer a variety of scientific-educational programs for classes and groups, diversified by age. For school we prepared fun-educational programs that could be implemented separately or are part of the accompanying programme related with interactive exhibitions. For special events we organize fun activities for large and small groups. Based on an agreement we prepare a special program just for you.

Basic Description of the LEONARDIUM

You Will Have Fun and Learn In Doing So

Leonardium is an open space for creation and invention, equipped by a number of different materials, where everyone can practice their own creativity and design skills. Leonardium is a space inspired by da Vinci and crafted according to the model of diy laboratories (Tinkering Lab), the world-famous Exploratorium in San Francisco.

In Leonardium

There is no one right solution. You can make mistakes... and these lead you to knowledge and new ideas. Cooperation is the key to success. It's about the process.

What activities you may expect in Leonardium

Ball runway

From the simple to the complex, build an innovative path for the ball with the help of pipes, funnels and other common tools.


Create a system of transfers and find out how they can be gears used to change speed, force or direction of movement from one part of the machine to the other.


Create a hydraulic system, and use the power of water under pressure to the lifting, opening, and moving objects.

Electrical circuits

Set up a simple circuit and using different electronic components, control lights, buzzers, music or engines.

Geometry and architecture

Form an architectural playground using simple materials and a knowledge of the geometric structures.

Domino: the chain reaction

Cooperate with the whole group, build a machine for a chain reaction and a playful way to find out more about the cause and effect.

Leonardium Makerspace

The first Leonardium offered to visitors, together with Visegradskými partners from Budapest, Bratislava and Warsaw, a magnificent spectacle. It was possible to try different kind of activities based on cutting-edge technologies and outdated methods, from programming simple robots, to manufacturing paper. Online collaboration with participants in the events of our partners, visitors find out how creativity, innovation, technology and enthusiasm can join.

Leonardium Makerspace is supported by the International Visegrád Fund. The full name of the project sounds Leonardium: creating makerspaces for developing creativity and engineering skills in the V4


„Ready to open” exhibition

You have an idea but you don't have your own implementation team nor the necessary know-how? Hire Objevárium's team and our professional services. We will work with you to bring your ideas into reality.

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